Sooooo today was an AWESOME day!!! Tons of friends, family, and NEW friends came out to paint pottery with ME and share in an animated reading of "Maggie Tales: Mommy, Where's Heaven?". 

Sakon Kieh, an elementary school teacher, was "Maggie's" voice today. She did an inCREDible job!!!!

Special thanks to:
Tamara Grier (, Stacy Ross (Events Management), Angela Williams (, JOY Akpan (Maggie Pops creator), and THE Lauren Lacy (Illustrator of Maggie Tales//

And a VERY special Shout-Out to allllllllll who took the time to stop by and join us!!! ... especially our young friends like Shelby E, Ryann & Reagan, Kendall & Kyle, Jase (all the way from Tuskegee), Taelyn, Trey, and more!!! 

And finally, a BIG HUGE s/o to Stephanie & Janika!

Thanks guys!!!!!!! 

And PS: Stay tuned for a HUGE Christmas Sale... #StockingStuffers